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Comcast STB Energy Information

This site provides information about the energy efficiency of STB models that have been purchased by Comcast since January 1, 2014.  This site will be updated as Comcast adds new devices to its inventory.  Note that STBs deployed by cable operators are specific to such cable operator’s particular network, system configuration, headend, and software; contact your local cable operator to determine the STBs available for service in your location.  The power measurements herein represent the STBs generally configured as they are deployed in the cable operators’ networks, running the operators’ software, and measured in accordance with the test procedures as specified in the Voluntary Agreement.  The energy use of an individual STB may vary.

MakeModelTypeFeaturesOn Power (W)Sleep Power (W)APD Power (W)TEC (kWh/yr)
CiscoRNG200NCableAVP, CC, DVR, D2, HD, MR, MS25.521.2-210
CiscoRNG150NCableAVP, CC, D2, HD, HNI14.412.8-125
PacePR150BNM-LCableAVP, CC, D2, HD, HNI12.211.4-108
PacePR150BNC-XCableAVP, CC, D2, HD, HNI13.412.5-120
PacePR150BNM-XCableAVP, CC, D2, HD, HNI13.312.3-120
PacePX001ANCCableAVP, CC, DVR, D3, HD, MR, MS32.526.3-270
PacePX001ANMCableAVP, CC, DVR, D3, HD, MR, MS31.625.7-265
SamsungSR150BNMCableAVP, CC, D2, HD, HNI15.213.7-130
ArrisMR150CNM (Phase 3)CableAVP, CC, D2, HD, HNI13.813.6-125
ArrisMX011ANMCableAVP, CC, DVR, D3, HD, MR, MS27.224.0-240
ArrisMX011ANCCableAVP, CC, DVR, D3, HD, MR, MS26.523.6-240
ArrisDCX3501CableAVP, CC, DVR, D2, HD, MR, MS23.522.2-205
ArrisHD DTA100uCable DTAHD4.03.8-35
TechnicolorDCI401COMCable DTAHD6.86.8-60
PaceDC 60XUCable DTAHD6.96.9-60
PacePX013ANMCableAVP, CC, DVR, D3, HD, MR, MS24.022.4-210
PacePX032ANIInternet Protocol (IP)AVP, HD, HNI5.95.3-54
PacePX013ANCCableAVP, CC, DVR, D3, HD, MR, MS24.423.1-210
SamsungSR150BNCCableAVP, CC, D2, HD, HNI15.614.0-135
CiscoCR150CNCCableAVP, CC, D2, HD, HNI14.512.7-125
Evolution DigitalDMS2004UHDWCable DTAHD6.46.4-60
ArrisAX013ANMCableAVP, CC, DVR, D3, HD, MR, MS22.621.3-200
ArrisAX013ANCCableAVP, CC, DVR, D3, HD, MR, MS22.420.9-200
PacePX022ANMCableAVP, CC, D3, HD, MR, MS14.413.6-135
PacePX022ANCCableAVP, CC, D3, HD, MR, MS14.613.8-135
SamsungSX022ANMCableAVP, CC, D3, HD, MR, MS15.214.0-135
SamsungSX022ANCCableAVP, CC, D3, HD, MR, MS16.014.7-140
ArrisDCX3200p3CableAVP, CC, D2, HD, HNI13.213.0-120
CiscoCXD01ANIInternet Protocol (IP)AVP, HD, HNI6.24.9-54
PacePXD01ANIInternet Protocol (IP)AVP, HD, HNI6.45.6-54
PacePXD01ANI-DTACable DTAHD5.65.6-55
PacePX051AEIInternet Protocol (IP)AVP, HD, HNI, Wi-Fi HNI, MIMO-5(4)7.05.9-66
ArrisAX014ANMCableAPD, AVP, CC, DVR, D3, HD, MR, MOCA HNI, MS, MS-A17.016.6-158
ArrisAX014ANCCableAPD, AVP, CC, DVR, D3, HD, MR, MOCA HNI, MS, MS-A17.517.0-162
ArrisAX061AEIInternet Protocol (IP)AVP, HD, HNI, Wi-Fi HNI, MIMO-2.4(2), MIMO-5(2)4.23.7-40
TechnicolorTX061AEIInternet Protocol (IP)AVP, HD, HNI, Wi-Fi HNI, MIMO-2.4(2), MIMO-5(2)4.13.5-40

Feature Key

ShortcutFeature Name
APAccess Point
APDAutomatic Power Down enabled by default
AVPAdvanced Video Processing
DVRDigital Video Recorder
HDHigh Definition
HEVPHigh Efficiency Video Processing
HNIHome Networking Interface
MIMO-2.4MIMO Wireless at 2.4 GHz (number of spacial streams)
MIMO-5MIMO Wireless at 5 GHz (number of spatial streams)
M-HNIMoCA Home Networking Interface
MS-AMulti-stream Additional for >2 up to 8 streams
UHD-4Ultra High Definition - 4K
Wi-Fi HNIWi-Fi Home Networking Interface